Meet your instructor, Katie

Hi friends! My name is Katie, and I’m a Registered Dietitian (RD) who’s been living a self-sufficient lifestyle for 10+ years and I’m passionate about sharing my skills with others, like you!

There’s nothing more empowering than saying no to the modern consumer lifestyle by growing your own food, learning how to preserve it, raising chickens, and developing real life skills.

I understand that homesteading can feel overwhelming at times, but my approach is all about breaking down complex skills into manageable steps. I’m known for teaching in an efficient, organized, and encouraging way. No fluff or wasted time around here!

I believe that the best way to learn is through doing, so I encourage my students to get their hands dirty and try out what they’ve learned. My ultimate goal is to help you on your own journey, whether that means starting your own homestead from scratch or just becoming a bit more self-sufficient in your everyday life.

So, if you’re ready to learn, grow, and have some fun along the way, I’m here for you. Let’s do this!

Katie working in her garden smiling and not looking at the camera
Katie Krejci, MS, RD, IFNCP
Katie harvesting green beans in her garden with cabbage nearby

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What Katie's Students Have to Say

I found your page today and I'm so much more relaxed than I was before I began. I have been feeling super lost and trapped lately, and your page has been a light in the dark.
A woman wearing a jean jacket smiling. Headshot.
Jessica M.
From Monticello, MN
I just wanted to say that I love your content and how you present it. It's very inspiring and easy to digest. I've been homesteading for a few years now and there's still lots to learn!
A girl with curly hair wearing a floral dress. Headshot.
Amy W.
From Minong, WI
Your content has inspired me to start growing my own food and I've found so much joy in this new way of life. I was in a very aimless place before, but now I feel at peace.
A 30 year old man wearing a baseball cap outdoors. A headshot.
Jack F.
From Milo, ME
I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your content. I've learned so much! Actually life-changing! Your site, more than any other has made me excited for the next growing season.
Susan T.
From Finland
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