Raising Pastured Meat Chickens: From Chick to Drumstick

Confidently raise your own meat chickens for ultimate self-sufficiency!

Stop stressing about what breed to raise, how many to raise, what to feed, and how to process them. I’ll help you make the right choice for you and your family.

Katie has been raising pastured meat chickens since 2016 and knows exactly how to guide you through this complex topic in manageable, easy-to-follow steps. Let’s do this!

This is your chance to make a change!

Master the ultimate level of self-sufficiency: putting meat on the table!


Provide the most nutrient-dense meat for you and your family


Having a freezer full of meat is comforting in this unstable world.


Gain the opportunity to truly understand where your food comes form.


YOU get to choose what breed, how they are raised, and what they eat.

Return to the Old-Fashioned
Way of Living

Say no to:
-The inhumane conventional chicken industry
-Being dependent on the grocery store
-Eating bland chicken that is lacking in nutrients
-Experiencing food shortages

Say yes to:
-Raising chickens humanely (only 1 bad day!)
-Having a freezer full of meat for the entire year
-Enjoying flavorful, nutrient-dense chicken
-Developing a true connection with your food

Set Up For Success

I’ll help you choose the best breed to raise and where to order them, how to set up a safe brooder and pasture area, what tools you need for processing, and more!

Raise Them Well

Raising meat chickens can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! I’ll show you everything you need (with links!) to care for them well and what to do if things go wrong.

Process Them Humanely

I get it. Processing day is daunting and you may be questioning if you can do it. I’ll show you exactly how to do it so that you’re comfortable and confident with the process

I'm Going to Help You:

Getting started can feel overwhelming

Right now you might be thinking...

  • I grew up in the city and have no experience butchering animals. I’m so nervous!
  • The last thing I want to do is invest time and money into raising them… only to fail.
  • I don’t even know where to start. Which breed should I raise? Should I use medicated feed? What if they get sick? What tools do I need? What’s the best way to process them?
  • I feel so alone when it comes to this lifestyle. It’s hard to find the right kind of support.

You're not alone!

Many of you have been asking for guidance on this topic, and I’m here to help. I’ve been successfully raising pastured meat chickens since 2016 and I’ll guide you through everything you need to know, from chick to drumstick. You’ll also have access to my private, students-only discussion forum for an added level of support!

Let's do this!

What You'll Get in This Course:

Module 1: Order Your Chicks (Value: $55)
Module 2: Build the Infrastructure (Value: $55)
Module 3: Gather Feed and Supplies (Value: $55)
Module 4: Care in the Brooder (Value: $55)
Module 5: Care Out on Pasture (Value: $55)
 Module 6: Processing Day (Value: $55)
BONUS: Lifetime access to my exclusive discussion forum (Value: $240)
BONUS: How to Butcher a Layer Rooster (Value: $40)
 BONUS: Interview with Jack from TC Farm (Value: $40)
 BONUS: Dispatching & Evisceration Step-By-Step Guide (Value: $20)

 BONUS: 7 essential meat chicken workbooks (Value: $15)
 BONUS: A copy of The Ultimate Meat Chicken Planner (Value: $10)

Total Value: $695
Regular Price: $279
Your Price: $149

Ditch being a consumer, and become a producer instead.

Imagine having control over your own needs and resources, reduced dependence on the grocery story and more financial stability. With my guidance, you’ll be eating sustainable, nutrient-dense meat, all while having a sense of purpose and fulfillment in raising it yourself.

Don’t just be a passive consumer that’s rolling through life without purpose. Be a proactive producer and take control today.

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

I created my “Raising Pastured Meat Chickens” course so you can take a big leap toward becoming more self-sufficient and never have to fear food shortages at the grocery again.

You want nutrient-dense food

Take this opportunity to raise slower-growing breeds on pasture for nutrient-rich chicken that you can’t find anywhere else.

You want control over your food

No more questioning what your grocery store chicken ate. YOU can control their feed, pasture quality, how large they get, and more!

This Course is for You if...

You want to connect with your food

Something special happens wen you raise your own food. You value every bite. Nothing goes to waste. True nose-to-tail eating!

You want to get back to the basics

Ditch dependence on modern grocery stores to feed your family. Get back to the basics of simple living and provide food yourself.

What's Inside This Course?


Order Your Chicks

In this module, I’ll help you identify which breed and gender of meat chicken is the best fit for YOUR homestead. I’ll also help you decide how many to order and how to do it!


Care in the Brooder

Your chicks have arrived, but they seem weak and have pasty butt, now what? Learn my best tips to start your chicks out strong and know what to do if things take a turn!


Build the Infrastructure

In this module, we’ll discuss design and pros & cons of pasture confinement vs open-range feeding, plus tips for predator-proofing so you don’t lose your flock!!


Care Out on Pasture

In this module, we’ll cover when to move your chicks outside, how to monitor weights, troubleshooting and weather considerations so that nothing surprises you.


Gather Feed & Supplies

In this module, we’ll chat about what to look for (and look out for!) when shopping for broiler feed. We’ll also cover all of the equipment you’ll need and links to my favorites!


Processing Day

The time has come! We’ll cover important steps leading up to this moment, plus video footage of us dispatching several chickens, so that you know exactly what to expect!

Plus, Check Out These BONUSES!

A total value of $100 on their own!!! These bonuses pay for the course!



Dispatching & Evisceration Step-By-Step Guide

An 8-page guide that you can print out and follow along with on processing day!



VIDEO: How to Butcher a Layer Rooster for Soup (plus a recipe!)

Processing a layer rooster is a little different than broilers. Here's how!



VIDEO: Interview with Jack McCann from TC Farm

Jack has been raising pastured broilers for 10+ years and shares his experiences!

What's Included in this Course:

Module 1: Order Your Chicks (Value: $55)
Module 2: Build the Infrastructure (Value: $55)
 Module 3: Gather Feed and Supplies (Value: $55)
 Module 4: Care in the Brooder (Value: $55)
 Module 5: Draw Out Your Garden (Value: $55)
 Module 6: Processing Day (Value: $55)
 BONUS: Lifetime access to my exclusive discussion forum (Value: $240)
BONUS: How to Butcher a Layer Rooster (Value: $40)
 BONUS: Interview with Jack from TC Farm (Value: $40)
: Dispatching & Evisceration Step-By-Step Guide (Value: $20)

BONUS: 7 essential meat chicken workbooks (Value: $15)
 BONUS: A copy of The Ultimate Meat Chicken Planner (Value: $10)

Total Value: $695
Regular Price: $279
Your Price: $149

Happy Students!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Definitely not! I will be including information about the Cornish Cross for those that are interested, but we’ll be focusing on slower-growing hybrid breeds like Red Rangers and Dual-Purpose breeds (like what our great grandparents raised!). These slower growing breeds are easier to manage and result in more nutrient-dense meat.

Yep! I knew that this part was the MOST important to get filmed and I not only recorded 1 bird, but I did 3 so that you could see the slight differences between each one and get a feel for what to expect. One of them didn’t go super smoothly, so it was good to get that one on film!

Yes! If you are dissatisfied with my course for any reason, please contact me within 14 days and I will issue a refund.

I debated this for many months and ultimately I decided NOT to include building plans. Not only would that increase the cost of the course considerably, but there are so many different designs based on what your unique needs are that it would be impossible to provide building plans for every option out there. Don’t worry though, you’ll have clear direction on what you need to do from our in-depth discussions (with LOTS of photos) in module 2 where we talk infrastructure! Plus, I give a video tour of our own chicken tractor setup and discuss all of the features. Lastly, I’ll point you toward where you can purchase building plans if you feel like you still need them 🙂

Nope! Once you purchase this course, you will have lifetime access to the content and the private, students-only discussion forum. You can also download all of the course notes and workbooks to your computer to access anytime!

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